OXA was created with the simple objective of designing practical products that enhance the home, making more comfortable living spaces for families with modern, useful creations that feature some of best new designs out there. OXA focuses its product range on having great practicality and usefulness in the home.


Enhancing people’s living environment is a big factor in the design of OXA’s products. Sleek, ultra-modern dehumidifiers, luxurious pillows, comfort blankets and clothes steamers are great examples of this. The product range doesn’t stop here however, and OXA also desires to create products with a culinary flavor. With this in mind, the OXA range of handheld food blenders is now upon us.


It is not only technological achievements through research and development that OXA pursues. For in this pursuit of designing quality home creations, we aim to apply an environmentally-friendly life concept in everything that we do. OXA is committed to bringing more comfort to your daily life and enhancing your home while paying homage to this beautiful world that we live in.


We haven’t been around for that long, but we are breaking ground and making waves in the consumer home product industry, and it is our philosophy to continue to advance our product line to bring you products that we are proud of and we know you your home and the environment will love.

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