Hakima Tantrika

Hakima Tantrika
MA, RYT 500, and ICF-certified coach is a holistic physical and mental health writer and educator. With global recognition, she's enriched over 2 million readers through her blog and shaped 800+ instructors worldwide. Fluent in four languages, Hakima blends extensive knowledge and a rich multicultural insight, making her a distinguished authority in the wellness sphere.

4 Effective Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

Facing anxiety on a daily basis is exhausting. With our fast-paced and tech-driven lifestyles, we forget to pay attention to how we are functioning. Both physiologically and psychologically. In the age of live biofeedback–it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

The Origins & Science Behind Pranayama - A Breathe Deep Guide

Breathing is something we all do naturally, without thinking, yet it has the power to influence our overall well-being. This has led to it being a major part of yogic practices emerging in India around 3000 B.C under the name pranayama.

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