Biofeedback guided resonance breathing using the Oxa platform. An observation


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This paper presents a success story of a user managing to get into resonance with the help of Oxa’s biofeedback and like this profit from its benefits on the cardiovascular system and the mood.

  • The user was not able to properly enter a state of heart-breathing coherence using breathing in a fixed pace like done with many standard meditation and breathing apps.
  • With Oxa biofeedback a state of heart-breathing coherence (during 83% of the exercise) was successfully reached with higher RSA, longer periods of high RSA, lowered blood pressure by 9mmHg (systolic) and 5mmHg (diastolic) and improved mood (POMS scale from 7 to 6).

We would like to emphasize that Oxa is in no way a medical treatment for hypertension or other cardiovascular diseases. We are simply describing interesting observations in this case report.

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