Is Oxa compatible with Android and iOS phones?

The Oxa sensor connects via Bluetooth to the Oxa Life app, which is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app is developed and tested for compatibility with:

  • iOS version 12.0 and later (recommended on iPhone 8 or newer)
  • Android release 5.0 and later

To download and install the Oxa app, scan the corresponding QR code or open the link directly.

Store-Logos-and-QR-codes-white-05.png         Store-Logos-and-QR-codes-white-06.png

Store-Logos-and-QR-codes-white-07.png         Store-Logos-and-QR-codes-white-08.png

To begin using Oxa, connect the sensor to the app via Bluetooth and choose a log-in method to create an account.

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Get the Oxa Sensor and your choice of garment - lounge-wear shirt, bra, or band. Your purchase includes access to the Oxa app which gives personalized data summaries and insights, as well as access to breathing exercises to teach you how to harness the power of your own breath.

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