Effect of slow-paced resonance breathing exercises with Oxa on heart rate, respiratory sinus arrhythmia and mood


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This paper concludes that a state of resonance can be reached more easily with live biofeedback versus with fixed pace breathing like it’s done with most breathing and meditation apps. Also, all Oxa exercises had an immediate positive effect on the user’s mood.

  • Oxa is able to successfully bring the user into a state of heart-breathing coherence.
  • It's more difficult to get into heart-breathing resonance if one does not have the Oxa biofeedback (study with 12 subjects, coherence strength significantly higher with biofeedback, p = 0.04)
  • Oxa exercises are lifting up the user's mood with immediate effect (12 subjects, POMS profile of mood test, p = 0.005)

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