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Oxa Setup

Downloading and Installing the Oxa app

The Oxa Life app is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Please scan the corresponding QR code or open the link directly.

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  1. Follow the onboarding instructions on the Oxa app.
  2. Upon login you will be prompted to review the terms and conditions and the privacy policy.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy.
  4. Grant permissions to the app (if required) by selecting “Allow”.

Now that you are connected to our app, you can start using Oxa to its full potential. You have the flexibility to choose when you wear and use Oxa. Prepare to be empowered with the tools you need to relieve everyday stress, sharpen your focus and improve your sleep quality.

When you are handling the garment, take care to avoid damaging the black surface of the electrodes with your fingernails or accessories such as belts or rings. Rest assured, however, that the garment should still function properly even if scratched. Review the care instructions to maximize the lifetime of your Oxa garment.

To start using Oxa:

  1. Pull down the shirt or bra carefully so the electrodes are positioned on each side of the tip of the breastbone. The shirt or bra fits comfortably against the skin but not “too” tight to restrict breathing. For the bra, flip the band with the sensors facing outward before sliding it over your head; then flip the sensor band down to touch the skin after the straps and cups are in place. 
  2. Lightly shake or tap the Oxa sensor a few times to activate it.
  3. Snap the Oxa sensor into the front of the garment. Locate the contacts and insert the sensor so that all the pins are connected properly. 

To pair your sensor:

  1. The sensor should be clipped into your Oxa garment. 
  2. Bring your Android or iOS device within range and activate Bluetooth®.
  3. Open the Oxa app.
  4. Create an account, or log in.
  5. If the sensor LED is not lit or blinking, shake or tap the sensor to wake it from sleep mode. A blue light starts to flash.
  6. In the Oxa app, tap the Bluetooth icon. 
  7. Select the Oxa sensor, which can be identified using the number in the name (the last couple of digits in the serial number). The Oxa sensor pairs to the Oxa app.

If you have paired the Oxa sensor to the Android/iOS device in the device’s Bluetooth settings, unpair or forget the device, and start at step 3 to pair your Oxa sensor directly to the Oxa app.

You are now ready to go! Let the app guide you through your first Oxa experience.

NOTICE: If the signal is poor, press and hold the garment against your skin where the electrodes are positioned. Wet the skin underneath the electrodes with water to improve the quality of the signal, or check more information on signal quality troubleshooting. The signal may be poor in cold and dry conditions or if your skin is too dry.

Ready to begin?

Get the Oxa Sensor and your choice of garment - lounge-wear shirt, bra, or band. Your purchase includes access to the Oxa app which gives personalized data summaries and insights, as well as access to breathing exercises to teach you how to harness the power of your own breath.

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