State of mind:
The key to a healthy life.

You see, relaxation and sleep are mainly steered by our parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). The good news is we can train PNS to become stronger and more agile, just like a muscle.

Our science team developed Oxa as your 'personal trainer for nerve muscles.' It combines the proper exercise (resonance breathing) and immediate feedback of your vital signs (live biofeedback) to help you fine-tune the practice for maximum efficiency - in real time.

What is resonance breathing?

In a nutshell, resonance breathing is a powerful technique that brings your heart rate and breathing in resonance (hence the name).

When you get stressed, they first tell you to take a deep breath and exhale slowly. It works because your heart rate jumps slightly with every inhale to ensure a better oxygen delivery. When you exhale, the heart slows down, and the nerves relax.

But the real magic happens when you breathe deeply and slowly, just at the right pace, and that's what resonance breathing is all about.

How does resonance breathing work?

When you hit the resonance frequency of your heart rate and blood pressure control systems, the activity of the parasympathetic system increases. That overflows your body with calm and, in time, strengthens your PNS 'muscle.'

Resonance breathing has been heavily researched over the last few years and used worldwide in psychology, sports, and cardiology. Studies proved that it positively affects stress relief and sleep quality.

Why do I need instant biofeedback?

Imagine you are driving, but there's a one-minute delay between your wheel steering and the car's movement. Your driving would be terrible, right?

In the same way, effective resonance breathing needs immediate insight from your body's vitals (biofeedback) - like breathing rate, heart rate, and HRV - to ensure exercise fine-tuning for best results.

Oxa is the first wearable capturing that necessary biofeedback in real time, providing live insight into your body and enabling immediate exercise optimization. Right there and then.What's more, Oxa displays the effect of the exercise in real time, so you can watch live how your body calms down as your vital signs improve with every breath.

Ready to begin?

Get the Oxa Sensor and your choice of garment - lounge-wear shirt, bra, or band. Your purchase includes access to the Oxa app which gives personalized data summaries and insights, as well as access to breathing exercises to teach you how to harness the power of your own breath.

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