After years of research and development, we have created the most advanced wearable platform with instant biofeeback.

Award-Winning Technology

Oxa’s proprietary, state-of-the-art sensors use:

Respiratory Inductance Plethysmography
Oxa is the first and only wearable that can provide a live breathing signal to the user, including inhales, exhales, breathing amplitude, breathholds, and breathing interruptions.

Our patented GECKOTM electrode technology allows Oxa to get a high quality 1-lead ECG directly from the chest to calculate live HR and HRV.

3-dimensional movement measurements detect your activity level, your sleep position and provide essential information for signal artifact correction.

Real Time Audio/Visual Engine
For training your control over your nervous reactions, Oxa uses live audiovisual biofeedback. It's made possible by the biosignal sound engine built inhouse based on the flutter audio library.

Oxa was recently named a recipient of the
Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023.

The importance of instant biofeedback.

Imagine trying to learn to play the piano without the ability to hear it.  Without the instant feedback of whether you played the wrong note or not, it would be almost impossible to improve. The goal of resonance breathing is to synchronise your breathing with your heart oscillations to make both swing together. Oxa is the first commercially available wearable that can give you the instant biofeedback necessary to see the immediate effect that adjustments to your breathing have on your other vital signals so you achieve resonance faster.

Don’t just track your health, take control and influence it.

Oxa’s proprietary algorithms derive meaningful and actionable metrics.

Resonance Score
Oxa measures your Resonance Score, the synchronization between heart rate and breathing. Resonance breathing is training your nerves like you would train a muscle.

Calmness Score
Oxa uses your HR, HRV and breathing to provide a live measurement of stress in your nervous system. The metric has outstanding performance compared to gold standard cardiac analysis software.*

Breathing Depth & Rate
Oxa measures live breathing activity during relaxation, energyze and resonance sessions to create an interactive experience.

ECG, Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
Oxa's ECG technology has been shown to be more precise for providing HR and HRV than the PPG used in smartwatches and smartrings. HRV measures how fast your heart is able to adjust its beating. It's representing the agility and calmness in your nervous system.

Others are just evolution.
Oxa is a revolution.

Data Accuracy & Validation

Oxa's breathing signal is not only live, but also stays within +- 4% compared to medical grade spirometry.
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The ECG technology Oxa is using is much more precise than the PPG technology used in smart watches and smart rings, which can often provide HR with errors in the range of 10-20 BPM.
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Oxa's HR algorithm outperforms widely-cited calculation methods and HR belts under movement and shows high correlation to gold standard ECG analysis software.  
validation of Oxa's algorithms against gold-standard software and medical devices

"Oxa shows the impact of breathing on vital signs in real-time by simply wearing a garment. This makes it a truly unique tool"

Dr. Frederic Lador

Head of Sleep and Pulmonology, University Hospital Geneva

"We tested the 24h ECG quality and it did not differ from medical-grade adhesive electrodes. This technology is exciting and would be helpful in stress examinations for both male and female patients."

Dr. Martin Glöckler

Head of Pediatric Cardiology, University Hospital Bern

“I am impressed by the smart technology generating such an excellent ECG signal quality. These tracings are very much comparable to those which are used in the daily clinical settings of cardiology.”

Dr. Mehdi Namdar

Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist, University Hospital Geneva

“As a professor of bioelectronics, I appreciate finally having access to a technology that can reliably and precisely measure both breathing and ECG. I really enjoy experimenting with it to take control over my mental health in a scientific manner.”

Prof. Janos Vörös

Biosensors and Bioelectronics, ETH Zurich

"I was impressed with the signal quality, the skin adhesion and the comfort enabled by the ElectroSkin textile electrode technology"

Prof. Hugo Silva

Biosignals & Data Science, Instituto Superior Técnico Lisbon

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