When do I use Oxa? Can it get wet?

Oxa unlocks your breathing for better focus, energy, relaxation, and sleep. Because Oxa is more than a monitoring device and is designed for comfort in various scenarios, you have the flexibility to choose when you wear and use Oxa, for example:

  • In the evening after running errands or coming home from a long day at work, you can slip into Oxa to wind down. 
  • Wear Oxa at night to fall asleep and help you better understand your sleep. Oxa supports you to wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized.
  • Use Oxa in the morning, and choose an exercise to energize you and prepare you for the day.

What about water or sweat?

The Oxa sensor is splash proof and tested to work well even when you break a sweat. Although wetting the skin in contact with the electrodes is recommended to improve the signal quality, the Oxa sensor and garment should not be used while swimming, showering, or bathing. Do not expose the sensor to liquids while it is in use or charging.

After using Oxa

After wearing Oxa, keep the electrode sensors clean and clear of dust and fibers. Wipe with a wet cloth, or machine wash to clean the full garment. Disconnect the sensor from the garment to charge the sensor if the battery is lowWash the garment without the sensor, and do not tumble dry the garment. Review the care instructions to maximize the lifetime of your Oxa garment.

Ready to begin?

Get the Oxa Sensor and your choice of garment - lounge-wear shirt, bra, or band. Your purchase includes access to the Oxa app which gives personalized data summaries and insights, as well as access to breathing exercises to teach you how to harness the power of your own breath.

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