Technology & Measurement Methods

What technology powers Oxa?

Oxa’s sensor integrates an ECG (electrocardiogram) chip, an RIP (respiratory inductance plethysmography) chip, and a skin temperature sensor. The Oxa ecosystem depends on Nanoleq’s patented technologies. Nanoleq, inventors of Oxa, are also a key driver in the smart textile market as we manufacture and sell these components to several companies in the smart textile industry.

How do Oxa’s measurements and algorithms work?

The system requires the sensor, garment, and app. When connected to your sensor via Bluetooth, the Oxa Life app provides exercises and insights. Throughout the duration of the Oxa journey, the live measurements from the Oxa sensor are instantly displayed in the Oxa Life app and stored in your Oxa account.

Oxa provides biofeedback data on breathing rate and depth, heart rate variability, and body temperature in real time without averages or estimates. The Oxa sensor measures breathing rate and volume by a process called respiratory inductance plethysmography (RIP). Electrocardiography (ECG) reads heart rate and heart rate variability while an infrared temperature sensor captures skin temperature.

In the first version of the Oxa app, our algorithms also calculate your calmness score, which considers your heart rate, breathing rate, and heart rate variability (HRV). From 1 (high stress) to 10 (optimal calm), you see your calmness in real time, as you breathe and connect with your body through Oxa.

In addition to RIP and ECG, Oxa’s sleep monitoring reports the sleep position (side - right and left, back, and belly) and the number of position changes, as a measure of sleep quality. The sleep position is determined based on movement measured by the accelerometer built into the Oxa sensor.

Learn more about Oxa’s vitals and scoring.

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