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Begin your Oxa journey.

The Oxa app guides you through the process of mastering breathing techniques for mind and body, starting with basic skills and coaching you through more advanced techniques.

Unplug. Unwind.

Oxa guides you into sleep with scientifically-backed breathing exercises designed to help you disconnect and calm your mind.

Track your entire night while your phone is off or on airplane mode. In the morning, Oxa will automatically sync your night’s data to your phone.

Understand Your Nights

Before jumping into your day, review your sleep summary which includes precise sleep onset detection, sleep quality score, sleep position tracking and a timeline of your vitals. Use the journal to note your dreams or anything that might help you better understand your sleep habits.

Leverage this information to assess your recovery and set the tone for a successful day ahead.

Energize for a Productive Day.

Kickstart your day with a burst of energy or banish stress from your morning commute. Try the Power Breathing exercise to increase energy levels, or use resonance breathing to stay relaxed on your way to work.

Don't let a hectic morning get you down - start your day on the right foot with Oxa!

Disengage and Recharge.

Feeling overwhelmed at work? Take a few minutes to disengage and recharge with Oxa. Our breathing exercises help you relieve stress, boost focus. Use Oxa to reset your mind and get a new boost of clarity and energy.

Get into resonance to wind down.

After a long day, Oxa’s Resonance Breathing exercises can help relieve the stress and tension from your day and quiet your mind.  Incorporating Oxa into your evening routine can prepare you for a restful night's sleep.

Ready to begin?

Get the Oxa Sensor and your choice of garment - lounge-wear shirt, bra, or band. Your purchase includes access to the Oxa app which gives personalized data summaries and insights, as well as access to breathing exercises to teach you how to harness the power of your own breath.

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